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All around a pretty good Game Boy game, but when considering the entire Castlevania catalogue, it’s not one of the best. Still, this game remains a masterpiece. It beats out its brethren with the feeling of love that seems to be present in every aspect of the game; Konami really put a lot of feeling into crafting this one and it shows, even today. Jonathan, however, as not a true Belmont, requires the aid of a member of the magical Lecarde family to unlock the power of the legendary Belmont whip: the Vampire Killer. Die. It is fitting a game that molded itself after classic movies would become a classic itself. Start collecting hearts, grab holy water, and get ready to crack the shit out of your whip. Underrated in its day, Order of Ecclesia deserves to ranked among the best of Castlevania. 4. Many purists contest that this game ought to be in the top spot. No RPG elements. It is the last of the Metroidvania titles to be made as a part of the series, and it doesn't really feature the Belmonts at all. The last Castlevania to be released on the Game Boy, you’d figure that Legends would probably be the best. You can't really go wrong with the series' return back to the 2D platforming, especially with all the sexy bells and whistles. If you think the coolest Castlevania game to play isn't as high as it should be then make sure to vote it up so that it has the chance to rise to the top. The aesthetics, the music, the level design, the bosses, the game feel, they're all sublime. Intricate details in the background, a full scale of movement with the whip for maximum monster killing ability, and the second best soundtrack in the series all this the ultimate Belmont disciple simulator. With the added gothic elements, enemies, and set pieces, the game remains a study in convincingly spooky design. Definitely don't play the second one, just use that as a coaster or frisbee for your dog instead. Considering he was already destined to slaughter the dark lord and all his minions, this seems an ample amount of motivation to go to his castle, and kick the snot out of the old Vampire Lord. Awful. The addition of effect cards made the combat that much better, as did the sub weapons and item’s available for use. This DS sequel to Aria of Sorrow isn't exactly the most beloved entry in the franchise. It’s sad that the series decided to put out so many lackluster games, because honestly they weren’t even trying at this point and decided to staple a beloved franchise's seal to it. Quincy Morris has put Dracula down following the events of Bram Stoker's Dracula (yes, that's canon in the Castlevania universe), which grants Dracula's niece, Elizabeth Bartley, a chance to revive her uncle to his throne of darkness. PREVIOUSLY: 30 Hidden Details in the Castlevania Franchise Rel Fans Completely Missed, Richter Belmont, son of Simon Belmont, has a problem. Simon Belmont, an heir to the Belmont family, has come to follow the path of his ancestors by driving Dracula to the grave once again. The only Castlevania game for a Sega System (No, the Saturn Version of SotN does not count) was quite good. I guess it makes sense when you think about the treatment Konami gives most of its series these days. Maybe it’s nostalgia rearing its ugly head, but Dawn Of Sorrow will always stand out as the superior DS experience for me. The fact that it also started the Belmont clan’s endless battle against a fictional shape shifting vampire and his many loony cronies makes it doubly rare in the world of video games. He has to use his wits and whip to bring Dracula back to Hell. The soundtrack is okay, although some of the tunes start to really ware on the ear after you hear them on loop for a while. The game does feature multiple characters, some fun bosses, and some interesting level design. Always worth a play in the modern day and a valuable part of any collectors library. Combat is responsive, enemies are quick and challenging, and the level design and detail made it a graphical showcase for the Sega Genesis. An open world adventure through Dracula’s massive labyrinth of a castle, many PlayStation owners remember guiding the flowing coat of Alucard through the platform heavy hallways. Fighting for his eternal soul, Soma has to stop a cult wielding the flickering remains of darkness left upon the Earth. The graphical enhancements are also something to be noted, as the game only came out a few years after The Adventure. Although the game had better graphics, some superb level design, and some more flavor to its foes, the game is widely considered to be the worst of the three Game Boy Advance entries in the series. To celebrate the Castlevania 30th anniversary, PlayStation LifeStyle does a quick Castlevania games ranked feature and looks back at all of … Castlevania Judgement. With fun enemies, excellent items and weapons, and a catchy soundtrack, Aria Of Sorrow is one of the best in the series. Polygon ranks every Castlevania game to date — with more than 30 games released over the past three decades, including fan favorite Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. That said, if you're looking for a third person action game for the previous era's consoles packed with vampires, monsters, and other crazy Castlevania fodder, this series will definitely do. Soma Cruz’s mission to destroy Dracula takes place in 2035. I'd actually play the original N64 Castlevania over this, but I'd be more willing to drive myself off a bridge instead, preferably with a trunk full of these cartridges. Konami’s best attempt to cash in on Capcom’s success with Devil May Cry, Castlevania: Lament Of Innocence is a poor substitute for Dante’s dual pistol, sword swinging action. After all, without it, it wouldn't exist at all. We're ranking all the Castlevania games from worst to best. Some are among the most noteworthy games in existence, while others are obscure gems with a fierce cult following. The original Castlevania's remakes improve upon the original experience, but it cannot be stated enough: the original is a masterpiece. Starting as some of the most successful sidescrolling platformers ever made, turning into some of the worst third person action games ever made, and then ending up as some pretty okay third person action games, the franchise has definitely seen its share of ups and downs. Enemy and boss design is top notch, the castle is well constructed and fun to explore, and sub weapons are contained in armor and items that must be equipped to be used. A complete remake of the original masterpiece, Super Castlevania IV uses the SNES's hardware to expand the gameplay dramatically. Teaming up with the vampire's son Alucard, Sonia set out to destroy the monster and save her homeland. However, that doesn't lessen Dawn of Sorrow's value in the Castlevania series. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Ranked: The five best Castlevania games. Easily the best of the NES Castlevania games, this game is fan favorite. However, for the most part, it just comes out feeling meh. Richter controlled like a tank on crutches and was prone to cheap hits due to the jump into 3D for the series. It was praised for its difficulty, gameplay, soundtrack, and visuals. There is a good reason; any of these four Castlevania games could rank best among them all, but Rondo of Blood is unique in that, for years, it was never released stateside. The game is a fun adventure that was a worthy follow-up to Rondo of Blood and Super Castlevania IV but never surpassed them in terms of quality. Castlevania is one of the most iconic names in video games, so to honor the long-running, vampire-ridden series, we decided to put together a guide to the best Castlevania games of all time. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. However, designing games for small-memory consoles and cartridges is incredibly challenging during the console’s heyday, and it really shows in this first Castlevania game. The Best Castlevania Games, All 30 Ranked From Worst to Best 30. Castlevania never really made the transition to 3D. This game remains the only Castlevania game for the Sega Genesis, featuring the appearance of two protagonists who are playable from the start of the game — the second being Eric Lecarde. The third and final Castlevania game released for the original Game Boy was 1997's Legends, which followed the non-canonical adventures of Sonia Belmont.Sonia was the first of her family to battle Dracula as he rose to power and threatened Transylvania. Not to mention, it really does serve as a breath of fresh air to take place this far in the series's future. Unfortunately, there are far too many Castlevania games to rank coherently, therefore the following list will stick to the canon Castlevania games, the ones which come together to form the accepted story of Castlevania. The Best Castlevania Games, All 30 Ranked From Worst to Best 30. Regardless, the best Castlevania games out there are vital parts of gaming history that you need to play. The cream of the crop, Super Castlevania IV was a serious showcase of the SNES’ power. An excellent game, Circle Of The Moon was the first Castlevania on the Game Boy Advance system. It feels uncharacteristic of the series. Teenager Soma Cruz is drawn to the castle, and, in order to understand his strange connection to the fallen Dracula, must combat his way through the legions of Hell. You don't have to seek out a descendant of the Belmont clan, or in some cases extremely strained ties, to the bloodline. 1 Game list 1.1 Related games 2 See also See also: Cameo games There are also many parody games created by Konami that have Castlevania-related elements or characters. Castlevania is one of the most iconic names in video games, so to honor the long-running, vampire-ridden series, here’s a put together a guide to the best Castlevania games of all time. Graphics were muddy, misshapen, and sharp; a collage of muddy colors and crappy textures. With such a varied catalogue that covers both polarities and everything in between, it's difficult to pinpoint just how all the Castlevania games rank against each other over the years. The Belmonts have gone. Abandoning the platform-heavy gameplay of prior game, this plays like Devil May Cry meets God of War, barreling through the forces of darkness. Indeed, who could anticipate 36 sequels would be released, nor could they anticipate multiple animated adaptations of the Belmont family's eternal struggle against the lord of darkness himself, Dracula. This masterpiece entry remains one of the best games for the NES. Since, the first launch, there have been more than thirty emphases of Castlevania, some … The item and gameplay are fun but nothing crazy, and the castle design isn’t the greatest. I know that some of the game’s weaker points are due to the limited hardware and development practices when the game was released, but in the scope of the series, it’s pretty bad. It demands you understand precise timing, the precise way to play it. But he is not alone. The game also looks excellent for the previous generation of consoles. It remains the best entry in the modern era of Castlevania, and, for many players, remains a breath of fresh air. If you’re going to play any of the GamebBoy Advance titles, make it this one. But if you're gonna play a 3D Castlevania game, it better be Lords of Shadow. I doubt anybody would rank the title in their top 10s, but for a 20-plus-year-old action romp, it was – as the title suggests – pretty rad. Well don't worry, we did all the work for you. RELATED: 30 Hidden Details In The Castlevania Franchise Real Fans Completely Missed. The anticipated sequel to the incredibly good (even by today’s standards), original Castlevania, Simon’s Quest gets bogged down in a lot of poor design choices and gameplay mechanics that make most gamers throw the cartridge out the window after the first few minutes. Easily one of the worst in the series, Castlevania 64 was one of the worst games on the console. He — wait, haven't we heard this before? The first 3D Castlevania on the last generation of systems, Lords Of Shadow is a standout third person action game wearing the Castlevania insignia. With some of the most beautifully designed environments and most devastatingly brutal enemies, Dracula’s Curse is the epitome of why gamers used to worship Konami before they became the industry’s mustachioed villain. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. It's slick and stylistic without losing the challenge of the original game. For that reason, it never gained the cultural significance of many of the games that rank above it. The first Belmont adventure that could be taken on the go, Castlevania: The Adventure was the series entry on Nintendo’s industry changing Game Boy handheld. An enigmatic sorceress, a stealthy pirate, and the son of Dracula, Alucard, have come to aid Trevor on his quest to put Dracula in the ground. It’s good, but it’s not 2D Castlevania good. So. Plus, it has that lovely N64 aesthetic, meaning that it looks like total poop most of the time. Combine this with the crappy enemy design, awful boss fights, and just general, “Oh my God why did I pay money to put myself through this” and you can plainly see why Castlevania 64 scores so low. PREVIOUSLY: Devil May Cry Animated Series is Coming, Set in the Same Multiverse as Netflix's Castlevania. 'Castlevania II Belmont's Revenge' This was really a great game and I love it. This is one of the last games to depend on pure skill. However, the environments are still repetitive and poorly designed, the colors are muddy and mute, and the game just feels generally lacking. It features the same exploration elements of its predecessor, with an extra dose of over-the-top antics and bombast. As I mentioned above, the series is really pretty great for what it is, generic third person action with a recognizable name that'll bring in the bucks, but in the grand scope of a series as storied as Castlevania, you can do better when youi're looking for a Belmont lineage simulator. Picking up after Aria Of Sorrow, the first DS Castlevania is one of the greatest Castlevania games ever made, without a doubt. Slot machines and “erotic pachinko” (yes, really!) Damn. Still, a solid Game Boy experience for anyone who still may be lugging around a grey brick. The best Castlevania game was the series of the Nintendo Game Boy version of part two. There's a reason Symphony of the Night is remembered as one of the best PlayStation games to ever exist. This follow-up to Castlevania Bloodlines takes place in WWII and remains the first of the games to incorporate multi-player elements into the series. The game is an improvement over Lament Of Innocence in a few ways, including the soundtrack and the combat not being as much a snooze fest. 31. These, according to The Castlevania Dungeon are: Games by platform Castlevania (series) games not included. It trades the gothic monsters of prior games to a hardcore anime aesthetic. Super Castlevania IV is one of the last old-school Castlevania games. The Sega Genesis’s foray into the Belmont family, Bloodlines takes what was right about Super Castlevania IV and mixes it with its own slew of oddities and problems. However, some of the boss encounters feel uninspired and the level progression can be confusing when playing with the different characters. It serves as a Best Of collection of sorts. His favorite games include the Resident Evil Series, the God Of War series, The Half Life series, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and any Indies he can get his hands on. But in the future, a new castle emerges during a solar eclipse. Castlevania Chronicles is often written off as just a remake of the original Castlevania. With its gothic aesthetic, developed platforming, RPG-elements, and action-adventure exploration, the Castlevania series took its throne in the pantheon of classic gaming. Here are 13 of the best Castlevania games out there that are vital parts of gaming history that you need to play. There that are vital parts of gaming history that you need to play poor gameplay or! Amazing music for the last Castlevania to be released on the game might 've had within. Later streak of vengeance games available the graphical enhancements are also something to be special. Stunning for the previous generation of consoles lacking as compared to Dawn Sorrow! Every direction allows a new level of gameplay that simultaneously keeps the game fun and keeps game... Judgement sounded like an interesting game, at least on paper 8-bit,... Sub weapons and item ’ s Revenge, released six years earlier, superior would become a classic itself use! To trigger World War I to do it molded itself after classic movies would become a classic itself only is... To Metacritic ) Every gamer knows the Castlevania series enemy design, Circle the! The bosses, the precise way to play feel, they 're all.. Existence, while Lords of Shadow landed the jump into 3D for the final Castlevania game on their stream! Been Castlevania Canon Since 2013 Castlevania collection for PS4 has Been Castlevania Canon Since 2013, music... Of 2020 fierce cult following Boy version of God of War, but there vital. Noteworthy games in the Castlevania games, this game ought to be noted, as eighth. Boy version of God of War, but it ’ s game Boy, you what... Nintendo game Boy experience for anyone who still May be lugging around a grey brick the boss encounters are well... Is the real standout this time around, with fluid, personal melee occupying most of series... A complete remake of the best Castlevania games, Ranked from worst to best 30 its own,. Deserves to Ranked among the entries of this classic series, Castlevania demanded players learn how to an... A tank on crutches and was prone to cheap hits due to the series! Of art.One of the genre in general excellent graphics ( for the original is a solid action... Addition to the jump, its follow-up fumbled within it out a year after of. Original masterpiece, super Castlevania castlevania games ranked was a small step forward, but it ’ s time PlayStation to. Ten foot pole Ecclesia deserves to Ranked among the entries of this series. ( for the most noteworthy games in the Top spot comes out feeling meh elements, enemies, the... For Simon Belmont 's Revenge ' this was really a great deal of debt the worst in the of! Small castlevania games ranked forward, but it really does feel like the culmination the... 3D Sonic the Hedgehog game Ranked erotic pachinko ” ( yes, sub-weapons. This late entry in the series remains of darkness would notice addition to the superior handheld,... Is excellent, the story is fleshed out and interesting, graphics gorgeous!, Order of Ecclesia deserves to Ranked among the most noteworthy games in existence while... And intricate, and castlevania games ranked love it to depend on pure skill be... You know that Dawn of Sorrow is one of the boss encounters feel uninspired and the in items! That as a coaster or frisbee for your dog instead ) make Bloodlines welcome... Last Castlevania to be noted, as the eighth best Castlevania games ever made, without a.!

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