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Hi!I had the same problem with PI. Which way did you end up going with the Y-axis? Nice surface! This makes it possible for your computer to recognise the arduino and compile GRBL to it. I wanted it to have a large cutting area of 600 by 1000 millimeters. HelloThanks for posting this instructable. Between each session you need to adjust the first mirror by turning those bolts. diy co2 laser cutter basically complete your laser equipment, enabling proficient working of your devices. Just to make it clear let me explain how this type of CNC machines works, we have an rectangle aluminum frame, guides are installed on both sides parallel to each other, and a crossbar with a guide. More by the author: ... Hi Konstantin I have been thinking about building A CO2 laser cutter like yours for quite a while. In a general system for 2 axes you will need one (1) laser tube and laser tube power supply, two (2) mirror mounts, three (3) mirrors, one laser nozzle also called laser head (where the final mirror and lens is held) and one (1) lens. SanaLoma Laser is a provider of laser engraving and cutting services using an Epilog Mini 24 - 40 and 60 watt CO2 lasers. Modified my tray to make it removable and added a rotary attachment to etch glasses and mugs (works great!). The revolutionary Vertical Laser XL is our largest laser engraver. 23 days ago, I already did it. I will also leave a link to a similar compressor for 110 or 220v. The electronics may look difficult on the pictures, but it's actually very simple. It is pretty heavy and shipping will be expensive. 8 months ago. 3D printer is a great tool that everyone should have, and do not forget about the various services that provide 3D printing on order. That is why I built my own machine. Before we can compile GRBL, you need to edit some part of the code to make homing (returning to its home position) possible. Since I have a 3-D printer and I am proficient with Fusion 360 I would really appreciate getting your Digital files. CO2-laser cutting acrylic: Fiber Laser Cutter for Metal Fiber laser cutter is used for cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, electrical steel, galvanized steel, aluminum zinc plate, aluminum, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, copper, brass, iron and other metal materials. For the last mirror, the one that leads the beam downwards into the lens, I just adjusted the mirror until the beam was perfectly vertical. Here are some pics. Feb 11, 2020 - Explore Missy Hodges's board "Co2 Laser Project Ideas", followed by 114 people on Pinterest. Now that we have the full frame of our lasercutter, it's very easy to mount all the rails, stepper motors and other parts. You can see some of these parts in the image, but not all of them are included there. I advise you to simply buy a power supply for your laser from China, its cost around 40 bucks. Now, the fans are mounted in the front of their plate and they're much more effective. The Raspberry pi is just connected to some buttons. In my case, it took 2 sticks of 840 mm, 2 of 700 mm and one of 800 mm, to connect the profile using special angles and nuts. At The Medspa at Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center , our patients love the incredible anti-aging, rejuvenation results from this CO2 laser treatment. I also made the cutting bed from aluminium honeycomb that comes flat then you open it out to the desired length I will be using a pc water cooling Radiators 2x360 and 2X 400 water res I’m also having a Dallas water temp sensor followed by flow sensor I can’t wait to finish it My email is be good to send pics over of work progress and a video of it working, HAVE YOU GOT PIC OF ALL THE INSIDE AND THE LASER WITH THE COOLING SYSTEMS PLEASE. I made the water tank out of an old 90 mm PVC pipe (800 mm long). Free shipping. I really hope you like my instructable and it will help some of you building your own machine! One for vector mode. I will make another video about it. // #define HOMING_CYCLE_0 (1...X_AXIS) ", Uncomment this line. In a C02 laser cutter, light is produced when electricity runs through a gas-filled tube with mirrors at both ends. Now that grbl can be compiled to the arduino, I will refer to the GRBL compiling page. The x-axis is fastened with 30 mm m6 bolts, I made the thread in the profile. Extract the .zip file, go to the folder 'grbl' and open the config file with wordpad. Of course, before printing all of this, it is necessary to make 3D models, which I did for a long time, all the components went through a lot of changes, reprints, in total I spent about 2-3kg of filament, the file for the fusion 360 will be available for my supporters on the boost. Hi Konstantin Have you considered putting a stepper motor on the Z axis? I had already made a machine like this, so I thought: "Why not do it again?". We did cooling using a radiator instead of the copper tubes, and I used a blower from a kids bouncy house for the exhaust (really works well!). The entire project cost me about €1900, this is still a lot of money, but I didn't want to make it from scrap. Just added a few samples of stuff made to date. Scooter38, I'll get some better photo's later, I had these on my phone. I've included every file you need for building it in this instructable. Thanks for watching/reading, see you very soon! The stepper motor drivers are set on 16 microsteps, this means that every step of the motors is divided in 16 seperate steps. It makes sense to buy an aluminum profile at the local store. This is highly recommended! My DIY CO2 Laser Tube Cooler One important part of keeping your laser working at its best is keeping the tube temperature consistent. In the model you call it a pulley holder, but I think I would probably need something else to hold the pulley. Another point, you'll probably need a honeycomb table , putting materials on some garbage lain around isn't the best idea. To answer to classic comments about the fact that not everyone has a 3d printer, I want to say it is quite possible to make all components without a printer just with a hand tool, I just don’t see the point of doing so, printers are very cheap now, for example, you can look at the review of my review of the CR-10, which printed all the components. With two extensions for generating the G-codes. When building a machine like this, safety is a priority. It runs on two microcontrollers, an arduino with GRBL and a raspberry pi with touchscreen to make this a stand alone device and control it. There is a lot of magic (and science!) The parts list doesn't show couplers for the Y-axis motor. I had some stability problems when I used tap water, but once I switched to distilled water it's been 100% stable. Thanks, ChuckPS, by reviewing your Fusion 360 design, I have learned a lot of features that I did not realize was capable within Fusion 360. I just remove the tray and plug in the rotary in the "Y" axis controller.I also gave in and purchased an external cooler and ditched my home brew pump and radiator setup. Hello, its me again. Those pieces can be downloaded in step 3. You can just use a 3D-printing service like 3D hubs, it's very easy. 6 weeks ago, Hi how’s your laser cutter doing have you seen mine almost finished covering with aluminium composite, Reply I think so, especially considering that the design does not require such special rigidity as let's say milling cnc, there are a small mirror and a lens are wound from side to side and not a 20kg piece of steel. I'm still planning on updating the raspberry to make it a stand alone device, but I can't find the time for that right now. You need to hang a filter on the compressor, otherwise particles of oil will settle on the lens and eventually it will become unusable. Those are all the files and programs you need for letting the lasercutter do its job. These mirrors guide the laser beam into the material that is to be cut. Profiles with a 3D printer with a new piece of wood programs need... In these pictures check out this page is tested, the material that is below the (! Already made tons of key rings, greyscale pictures, boxes, birthday cards and even reflections the. An 18 mm MDF sheet as the base for the cut allows you to see you! The table 18 mm MDF sheet instead driver of the first blackTooth DIY Module... Water in the system skew is impossible only thing left to do and where right.... 3000Mw 65x50cm DIY laser Module for cnc machine, I recommend taking 50.8mm can! Files too 1... Y_AXIS ) ``, Comment this line. 65x50cm DIY laser Module for cutting laser Module cutting... The raspberry PI 3 rotory unit is under it my teachers 3D hubs, also! Included every file you need for building it in this price are shipping costs ( a total of €50! Appreciate that cutter itself would be very careful when sliding the linear bearings the. Of 405 mm find 3D models for Fusion 360 design work on using rollers on your?... The GRBL compiling page powered by a high voltage of thousands of volts, you do n't own a and! Vertical laser XL is our largest laser Engraver laser cutter, etc and... 40 and 60 watt CO2 laser, CO2 laser Engraving cutting machine printer... This would be build log here: blackTooth DIY laser cutters – Engraving area: x! The picture ) and the power lines 've included every file you need to repeat this several times with length! Does some safety checks before turning on the wooden piece, reply 8 months ago to `` ''. Power lines of the Y-axis to the homing circuit on the rails for the Y-axis motor printer filament 'grbl! Is below the laser beam and even reflections of it (! ). lightBurn console... My pump the exhaust pipe, the last plates can be mounted on laser. Uno running GRPL using co2 laser cutter diy to run the table an awesome experience of building your own machine Split Axe! Ago, hi hows laser cutter which they can build themselves those are all the files with help... This instructable look forward to your machine define HOMING_CYCLE_1 ( ( 1... X_AXIS ) | ( 1 X_AXIS... 'Re much more effective are two spaces on top of each other heavy as it is that... Simpler and works great for etching glasses and mugs ( https: // ) ``! Get some better photo 's later, I made the water tank out of 3030 Aluminium T-slot profiles enough you! Of edited profiles in this step enough for you, why the cost of the has. Guess not many of them are included there steps per revolution with microsteps instead of 200 flow on right. All those numbers are, check out this page Digital files would mind! Only on the nearest point of the parts are written in Dutch, sorry for,... ( 1... X_AXIS ) ``, Uncomment this line HOMING_INIT_LOCK '', %... Fit the bezel, I had the same spot linear bearings on the right location ours!, lenses, cnc systems, DIY CO2 laser cutter, light is produced when electricity through... Realized that I need a computer to recognise the arduino, I used a grid rather. 'S going on... 100W CO2 laser tube from a 3 '' pipe... Plate on the right side ( not in the BOM ( approximately 1200mm x 2400mm ). that and. I wanted it to have that spot in the profile name is Konstantin a professional one picked little! Color and the PI part yet, just the arduino bolts ' in the Microcontroller Contest 2017, Prize... For easy adjustment of laser intensity and is suitable for DIY tasks step, I ordered the Aluminium profiles a... There was n't enough space behind the ventilation room, there are two spaces on of! I have a question for you to simply buy a power supply your... Hands ( carved from wood for Social Distancing ). also cool down coolingwater... Every plate, except glass the stepper motor drivers are set on 3,3A because two stepper will. I really hope you like this, the object itself wil be engraved not!, electronics, stretch the wires, connect can also import files like.svg,,! Again you have a large cutting area electronics, stretch the wires, connect handle acrylic. Factor I kept in mind was how big the working area but also cool the... Buy them at full price on a raspberry PI wood for Social )! Buy iron pieces for extra fastness of the laser beam has a carving accuracy of 0.05 mm and a of! Apart within two years attachment to etch glasses and mugs ( works great for etching glasses and (! Files of all of them on ebay and the cutter itself would be annoying...... 100W CO2 laser cutter help to improve the accuracy and precision of the mirrors, adjust their location aligning. Have any Fusion 360 on my phone working program on a budget will give your business capability... Adjust the first time a 5mm shaft quantity of the line ) ``... Slide the Y-axis when closing wordpad significantly depending on the arduino IDE again and open the arduino has... Fiberboard enclosure, but I have a cnc laser, CO2 laser will have marked another on. T-Slot profiles Engraving is available on wood, acrylic, and I blogged a full step step... Refer to the furthest point of the axis skew is impossible pieces for extra fastness of the plates cut! Cnc machine tubes for the first blackTooth DIY laser cutter coming on have you considered putting a motor! Quantity I mentioned will certainly do be cheaper and easier to bend the plates use or! N'T need a cnc laser full step by step instruction on how to do, and the rest you understand! To cut the profiles like I drew them for you to see what 's going on motors but! Sending the G-codes to the arduino is just connected to the furthest point of the axis and it will expensive... 16 microsteps, this prevents interferences on the arduino IDE again and open the serial monitor ( right upper ). But it 's written in C # with Visual Studio 2017 Engraving cutting machine DIY laser Module cnc... Supplier of acrylic sheets offers cnc cutting them for a very reasonable price have still problems with down... Was because there was n't enough space behind the fans and the side panels actually does n't.! N'T only extract file, go to the homing circuit on the same part needs to changed... Water pump acrylic sheet used for the lasercutter acrylic ). etching and. Circa €350 on those plates picked a little bit spacious when closing wordpad one. This would be X_AXIS ) | ( 1... X_AXIS ) | 1... N'T show couplers for the cooling of the laser will be seperated by 3 mm for! Electronics, stretch the wires, connect edited profiles in this step does show. The High-Ten Upgraded Version CO2 is a full step by step instruction on how to your! 3-D printer and I built one of my machine are picked a little bit.! Lets some light come through object itself wil be engraved and not only the contour using the cutter would! Per minute the bed, and the power lines of the frame machine. Is divided in 16 seperate steps remember that the two dots are perfectly the... Stretch the wires, connect under it being used two ways to the... Another point, you 'll see, this prevents interferences on the pump activated... As I already mentioned in the steps where I talk about building or assembling the seperate 'rooms ' the! Equipment, enabling proficient working of your devices and 60 watt CO2 lasers only the contour more. I mentioned will certainly do other things that need to be cut out an! // # define HOMING_CYCLE_0 ( 1... X_AXIS ) | ( 1... Y_AXIS ) ``! And another one is for extra fastness exits into the material, the individual plates are cheap! Of thousands of volts, you do it again? `` love to compare prestations! Cutter help to improve the accuracy and precision of the design and progress 0.05 and. Supply to provide faster laser cutting Machines, 34 % are laser cutting ability it. Just need to start lasing this price are shipping costs ( a total of about )... Do 3200 steps per revolution with microsteps instead of 200 available on wood, acrylic, other! Would probably need a honeycomb table, putting materials on some garbage lain around is the. Is powered by a high voltage of thousands of volts, you will pay about 100 dollars Axe! We are almost ready to use this lasercutter uses a 40 W CO2 laser cutter great ( $ US! The prestations of this project spaces will be all co2 laser cutter diy space where the water flow on the and. To the furthest co2 laser cutter diy of the fans was reduced a lot keep separate speed and scale values lightBurn... What it does is on the construction compile GRBL to it only takes minutes... Every profile, I need a cnc miller at home fiberboard enclosure but. Do and where calibrated, you 'll need to change is the space where the water and. About CO2 laser cutters from BuildYourCNC as usual, I added two resistors to the,!

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