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and the Edmonton store on 82nd Avenue N.W. The company launched as an online menswear brand in 2012 and began opening stores after that, and in 2017 launched womenswear that included some standalone women’s stores. We probably won't be affected though as it seems only 9 locations will be closed in 2020. Lowe's announced Monday, November 5 that they will be closing 51 stores in the United States and Canada.. But this does not mark the end for the retailer that has more than 1,200 locations in the U.S. and Canada. Trouble ensued as we reported last year amid claims of fraud, and the problems have continued since then.Many franchised Miniso locations were … The company will focus on e-commerce moving forward. Macy's - After losing Boston Store I'm a little worried to hear Macy's is closing some locations. © 2020 Retail Insider Media Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Ignore the internet trolls and their anti mask message. Gap is including in 2020's store closing list. As for me, I don’t mind waiting but my patience is tested on people who don’t obey proper signage or goes into a minimal capacity store and spend in excess of half an hour pulling out over a dozen items only to walk out a store with a single item or empty handed. Although declared a ‘heritage building’ in 2019, the fate of the store remains in some doubt. Gap. One well-known broker in Toronto explained that many retailers are now seeking percentage rent lease deals, while some landlords are insisting on terms in executed leases which includes enumerated rents due. The store's nostalgic 90s-themed pop-up shops — which were supposed to run until April 2020 — will also close. It leaves a gap in terms of fashion for taller women and women with large feet, and some transgendered women have also commented online about the loss of the store. The Gap: San Francisco-based fashion retailer The Gap has been quietly closing stores in Canada for the past several years. Stores will remain closed for 2 weeks, and operations will be reassessed at that time. Sears itself declared bankrupt in 2018. Last Updated: Monday, October 5, 2020 11:00. Miniso: Chineses variety retailer Miniso, which positions itself as a Japanese brand, has been closing some stores across Canada. The company wasn’t paying rent on its stores for months during the COVID-19 shutdowns and sources are saying that several more Canadian units will be shuttering under the Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy banners. When government support for rents and staffing costs is reduced or eliminated, the pace of closures will likely increase. Here's Why Walmart Is Closing Down Stores. It’s unclear what will happen to the store at Square One in Mississauga which opened in the summer of 2016 in an upscale wing anchored by Holt Renfrew. People and all retail entities learn to adapt or perish. The list of store closings … In June 2020, the coffee giant said it will close up to 400 company-owned stores in the U.S. and Canada over the next 18 months as it rolls out new-format stores … In January, officials said 20 of the 40 Bed Bath & Beyond stores scheduled to close would be delayed until the first half of 2020. As JC Penny undergoes a turnaround plan, the company said it was closing six stores in 2020 that will shut their doors on April 24. It’s an encouraging sign. The Bay for the past few years has been trying to sell the store or at least some of the space. American home improvement giant Lowe’s announced the closure of 34 stores across Canada, ... Eleven of the 12 stores set to close in Quebec are under the Rona ... Calgary. The giant retail store was opened in Winnipeg in 1926, to replace other Bay stores in the city and was designed as the flagship store of the Hudson’s Bay Company. english@rcinet.caPosted: Monday, October 5, 2020 10:11 Comark Holdings: The parent company for Ricki’s, Cleo and Bootlegger filed for bankruptcy protection last month and with that, many stores are expected to close. Ever hear of reciprocity, if not…GOOGLE it! The future of the entire company is in question and it remains to be seen what happens with other locations in the coming months. Chico’s has announced that it will be closing up to 250 stores in 2020. A blood pressure machine at the Columbia, Pennsylvania Kmart, as seen on June 23, 2020, has a "Do ...[+] Not Liquidate" sign posted on its screen. Claire's filed for bankruptcy on March 19, 2018 and will close 92 stores in the process. Today in, coronavirus sucks.Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. the parent company that owns Buybuy Baby, World Market, and Harmon Face Values, but most popularly, Bed Bath & Beyond, have announced that they will be closing approximately 200 stores across both the United States and Canada over the next two years. While the majority of the 310 units will remain open according to filings, Comark is still expected to close at least 100 store locations in Canada in the coming weeks and months. Victoria’s Secret: We previously reported that lingerie and underwear retailer Victoria’s Secret had been closing some of its Canadian stores even before COVID-19, and it remains to be seen if others shutter over the summer following what is expected to be reduced retail sales in such stores. The company says that in the fall designer brands will be moved back into Simons' stores. Le Chateau: On Monday evening, Montreal-based Le Chateau issued a press release with its earning statement noting that the company may not survive another 12 months without outside investment. The landlord is said to have been looking to reduce its exposure to retail in its vast portfolio for the past couple of years and that it was looking to sell off some of its retail properties. Good. This is just the latest indication of a vast change in retail which has seen many closings and even bankruptcies of once giant chains. Credit insurance on deliveries is said to be an issue and all stock from brands such as Balmain have been moved online for the time being. That includes closing nine stores in Ontario, three in Alberta and one in Nova Scotia. I think we focus to much on being told what to do, but am convinced those anti mask comments would do anything to prevent some one they love from getting sick. ... 2020 1:05 pm EST. All the malls I’ve been have reduced the amount of seating space in corridors and this has caused issues for the elderly or those accompanying shoppers. Keep requiring masks, keep seeing bankruptcies. Bath & Body Works. A Winnipeg landmark occupying an entire block with 675,000 square feet of retail space or over 15 acres,  it once employed thousands of people.  However, now down to only 60 employees, in recent years as sales slowed it began closing floors and the basement, and now only two floors remain open. There are other examples not included above that we have reported on since March of this year. I won’t buy anything at a store if I have to wear a face mask to enter, sorry. A little harsh, coming from a professional person such as yourself…. That includes luxury brands in the Toronto and Vancouver markets, which are said to be seeing record-breaking sales numbers in some instances. Other large retailers are making major staffing cuts. Canada's Most-Read Online Retail Industry Publication. Developers have explored the possibility of conversion to condos or apartments but decided also that costs would be too high. The store’s parent company, L Brands, revealed in a first quarter earnings presentation that 50 Bath & Body Works locations in the United States, as well as one store in Canada, will close in 2020. To all you Anti-maskers, pick a "REAL" cause to support with you energy. Spring collections saw significantly fewer sales as consumers stayed at home for much of the season, and now many retailers are considering their options as fall collections are coordinated for delivery. On opening day an estimated 50,000 people visited the exciting new retail operation and restaurant. Major costs including rent and staffing were part of the challenge, not to mention increased costs associated with sanitization and PPE. I recently took my daughter to the mall for the first time since Covid and we wore our masks and abided by all safety measures as did the stores and malls and we had a great experience and than all the staff for what they are doing to keep everyone safe. As far as the author of the article, thank you for the well written piece but please consider being more tactful and professional with your responses. All store locations are considered to be exceptional and landlords are likely going to be able to find strong tenants to replace Microsoft in these malls. I hope business picks up for the retail stores, after all they employ many Canadians and provide them with a living. Founded in 1919 as “Canada’s Original Discount Store”, the company announced on May 9, 2020 that it would be closing its five remaining locations in Vancouver, New Westminster, B.C., Langley, B.C., Calgary and Edmonton. — Tom Harrington (@cbctom) March 17, 2020. Isaia will replace Pink Tartan in a unique retail space that will become a gathering place for fans of the brand. Please don’t be ignorant and selfish, Lets all work together so we can get through this very difficult time. Victoria’s Secret, which is also owned by L Brands, recently announced plans to … COVID-19 was the reset button that retailers needed. Chico’s has announced that it will be closing up to 250 stores in 2020. Seattle-based Nordstrom, which operates six full-line stores in Canada as well as six off-price Nordstrom Rack locations, for example, is undergoing a restructuring which has resulted in many management layoffs. One industry insider said that Canada may see one bankruptcy filing per week over the summer for medium and large-sized retailers. Bed Bath & Beyond has announced the first 63 stores it will close by the end of the year as part of a restructuring plan brought on by Covid-19. The COVID-19 pandemic hastened plans for international companies to close stores in Canada and abroad. And at the same time, there is good news from some retailers worth mentioning. Foodservice businesses such as restaurants will also add substantial vacancies to commercial properties in Canada. Now located in Toronto, Craig is a retail analyst and consultant at the Retail Council of Canada. There are fears that if left vacant it will become an eyesore. The seven Microsoft Canadian stores are all in high-profile malls including CF Chinook Centre in Calgary, West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Metropolis at Metrotown in suburban Vancouver, CF Pacific Centre in Vancouver, Square One in Mississauga, CF Toronto Eaton Centre in Toronto, and the Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto. The closures will affect 34 underperforming Lowe’s and Rona stores, with all listed stores expected to … One can agree to disagree but the strong language to support your reasons makes your valid points become a kettlebell drop to the foot. Bestseller: The Danish retailer shut its Bestseller-branded stores in Canada in the spring (including converting a Winnipeg unit to a Jack & Jones banner) and last month, announced in a bankruptcy filing that it would be closing more stores under its Jack & Jones and Vero Moda banners in Canada. The fast-fashion giant filed for bankruptcy in September of 2019 and immediately began plans for closing down at least… Over the past several weeks numerous national retail chains have filed for bankruptcy protection and some have either already closed stores or are in the process of doing so. GOOD! Shoppers like those put a strain to business prior to pandemic and place a much greater hardship to others today. This long list of stores closing in 2020 includes the ever-growing number of retailers that have filed for bankruptcy, closed locations, or both. Totally selfish attitude. Lole’s filings indicated that the company has about $47 million in debt. The David’s Tea concept stores opened quickly over the past five years and the cost of real estate proved to be a challenge. The giant 'Bay' store in Winnipeg, already hurting from changing shopping habits, has now succumbed to COVID. Some of these brands are connecting directly with customers through apps such as WeChat and are selling out of some product categories that are being coveted by loyal brand fans. The company’s restructuring will allow Scholar’s Choice to remain a going concern with a strong online sales focus.