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But recently started to develop yellow spot. I gave only a glass of water. Like other plants, Alocasia will show its problems by displaying discolored or dark spots on leaves or losing leaves entirely. Alocasia are generally not safe for pets. This plant will thrive if given frequent, lukewarm showers either in the actual shower or by using the spray attachment near your sink. Fill the plate with purified water. The Alocasia Zebrina owes its name to the special zebra print on his stems. Alocasia Polly is certainly no exception and you should, therefore, keep your pets away from this plant. You can also place it next to the window in a west or east facing window. Alocasia polly & Alocasia amazonica location and temperature. Rust Spots on Alocasia Leaves. Alocasia Polly is not very fond of hard tap water. It's been doing great but about a month or two ago I noticed some of its leaves turning yellow. It’s definitely not easy to grow but worth the efforts. I'm the owner of If you are interested in cat-safe houseplants, give this article a go: 18 cat-safe houseplants that your kitties will surely enjoy. Remedy - do small weekly tests of giving more or less light OR more or less water. My name’s Arifur and I am an Agriculturist. As far as the size of the container goes, you will want to make sure to choose a pot that is big enough to accommodate your plant’s root system. A water filter, also known as water purifiers, can provide water that is mineral-free for your plant. Diseases can be prevented by avoiding over-watering, keeping the leaves dry, and providing proper air circulation around and near the plant. Mealybugs are a real nuisance! Its leaves are in fact believed to mirror the floppy ears of an elephant – hence the alocasia zebrina’s other name, ‘elephant ear’. Hi Everyone, I've had an Alocasia for about a year now. Views: 18245, Replies: 7 » Jump to the end. However, water purifiers can be pricey and unattainable. My Elephant Ear Leaves Are Turning Brown on the Edges. Coco coir is another great choice. Hailing from Southeast Asia, this popular elephant's ear (Alocasia x amazonica, part of the Alocasia genus) is sometimes called African mask. Alocasia Amazonica is often confused with Alocasia micholitziana (mik-oh-lit-zee-AY-nuh) which is often sold commercially with the trade name Alocasia 'Frydek'. Dwarf elephant ear, or alocasia gagaena, might sound strange for a plant so large, but you should see how big this one gets in the wild. The most common reason for alocasia polly turning yellow is overwatering. Skip to Content. These red spots can lead to a misidentification of rust. So try to find out whether you are giving too much or too little water. No fertilization is required in the first year after purchase or repotting Alocasia Polly. Here are the necessary steps to propagate your leavy friend: 1. Another issue to pay attention to is not enough light. For example, Alocasia Polly is basically a hybrid form of Alocasia Longiloba and Alocasia Sanderiana. 19% MwSt. Plants must be free of brown spots and brown leaf edges, often caused by insufficient humidity and/or the potting soil being too dry. If you don't have a room with a south-facing window, that's no problem! 56,90 EUR sofort lieferbar in den Warenkorb. Today I noticed that the two youngest leaves have gone yellow and the stems are completely floppy, the smallest one was really soft to the touch so I have got rid of it. I need help with my Alocasia Amazonica, African Mask. The alocasia is a perennial herb that is sometimes called elephant’s ear. Solution: Whenever you are dealing with mealybugs, the first thing you should do is to isolate your plant. Move it to a more shaded spot. You should keep your leave friend in a shaded spot. Confusing, I know. Well, as if it would be that easy. Some species of alocasia are poisonous, while other species of alocasia are used as a food source. The problem is, and this is also true in our specific case here with the Alocasia Polly, that this is a sign of either too much or too little water. You don’t want to keep your plant sitting in a super wet environment. As a general rule, it is pretty easy to propagate Alocasia Polly. Its on a water tray for humidity, I mist the leaves, it's in filtered light. Yellow spots on your elephant ear plant can indicate a problem with watering, says Ingstrom. Those plant leaf spots are caused by one of nature’s most basic organisms: a fungus. That’s perfectly fine! Alocasia x amazonica care is not insurmountable by any means once you understand it. Welcome to the Garden For Indoor! I water it twice a week, letting surplus water drain from the bottom. Certain pest insects are their strongest in dusty conditions. To maintain those leathery and glossy leaves, philodendron requires a lot of water. A waterless pot is of course much lighter! They can appear anywhere on the leaf. Another likely reason is improper lighting. It is important for the soil to act as a filter for the water. Whenever you buy a new tropical plant and take it from a high-light, high-humidity, greenhouse with stable perfect temperature, into a relatively dark, dry house, there is usually always some die off. Produces 12" Yellow Aroid Flowers availability: 0 … Other easy plants to propagate are, for instance, Pothos, Monsteras and ZZ plants. You May Also Enjoy: How to Save Overwatered Aloe Plant (Step-by-Step Instructions). Other plants native to the sub-tropics/tropics do fine in our drier home environments. I water it twice a week, letting surplus water drain from the bottom. Fungal leaf spot can be found in your outdoor garden as well as on your houseplant. You can easily find Alocasia Polly on Amazon. However, even at this time of the year, you need to make sure that the soil never completely dries out. Humidity. If the spots are black or dark brown along with yellow rings around the spots, then it might be because of fungal or bacterial infection. Alocasia Polly needs good and thoughtful care and is therefore not really suitable for beginners. If you overwater your Alocasia, it’s possible that it will develop root rot or a fungal infection. As far as propagating Alocasia Polly goes, your best bet is propagating by rhizome division. I have had this Alocasia Zebrina for a few weeks now and it has seemed happy. The problem is, and this is also true in our specific case here with the Alocasia Polly, that this is a sign of either too much or too little water. A fungal disease that generally occurs in humid weather, anthracnose will cause an alocasia’s leaves to develop tan, black or red spots. Alocasia Polly’s do much better in poorly lit areas in comparison to an Alocasia but still need a balance. Kentia Palm With Yellow Brown Spots Imgur. After completing my bachelor of science in agriculture, I'm serving as a civil service officer at the Department of Agricultural Extension, Bangladesh. It can also end up curling of leaves. Cause: If house plants have yellow leaves, this is usually due to incorrect watering. Hello people, I just bought an alocasia from a local shop and after 5 days some big leafs started colouring yellow and showed up some spots. Yellow spots on your elephant ear plant can indicate a variety of problems, so it is important to know what you should do about it if you see them. Put your darling in quarantine and then tackle the problem. Yellow leaf spots affect many types of plants and have many different causes, including fungal diseases. One proven way to get rid of Spider mites is to use a plant-based miticide (spray!). If fresh shoot tips appear, you can assume that the root division has been successful. However, these plants are rather expensive with prices ranging from 25 dollars up to 65 dollars.You can also find Alocasia Polly on Etsy. Realistically, this approach leads to root rot because of poorly drained soil where the water sits and puddles at the bottom. 'Borneo King'. Unique form of Alocasia plumbae availability: 0 Login for pricing. For a more eco-friendly hack, check and see if you can refill the jugs at some stores such as Wal-Mart so you do not have to produce plastic waste. 'Borneo King'. Lack of humidity makes this beauty tricky to grow. A humidifier puts moisture in the air by releasing water vapor for a dispersed feeling of misting. This perfectly replicates the humidity an Alocasia feels in its natural habitat. It should remain moist, not soaked. Learn more about alocasia propagation methods and how to propagate alocasia in this article. Any help would be greatly appreciated dee What kind of water does my Elephant’s Ear like most? These yellow spots have been spreading for a couple months now. Find a spot with bright but … You may also see it called “Kris Plant”. Alocasia Polly likes to receive quite a lot of water. To avoid future infestations of spider mites, keep the humidity high, make sure that the soil and also the leaves are not too dry and regularly mist your plant using a spray bottle. It is defined by its deep green leaves accentuated by whitish or light green veins. Not sure why. Find a spot with bright but indirect light. Watch for brown or black spots developing on the leaves and monitor the soil for moisture. The parent species, Alocasia sanderiana and Alocasia watsoniana, are rain forest plants native to Asia. Alocasia Amazonica Has Spots. Very large yellow spots at the edges of the leaves indicate lack of water, but smaller yellow spots closer to the roots of the plants indicate too much water. Your bathroom or kitchen are perfect spots for your Alocasia because these areas tend to be more humid. To carry out the rhizome propagation, carefully remove the arrow-shaped leaf from the container. Solution: Take your plant out of direct sunlight. Most of these bugs can be put off by keeping humidity high. Spotted leaves occur when fungal spores in the air find a warm, wet, plant surface to cling to. About two months ago I bought an Alocasia black velvet for on my desk. I have the plant on a stand near, but not in an east facing window. Root or stem rot can occur sometimes. Plants with Spotted Leaves. Jade Plants have thick fleshy roots similar to their fleshy stems and leaves that we see growing above ground. What are the brown spots that grow on the leaves of the Alocasia plant? Keep your cats away from this plant. How do you go about propagating alocasia plants? Cause - unhappy with its light/water balance. As a plant lover, we all have the same goal of keeping our children healthy and beautiful! If you don't have a room with a south-facing window, that's no problem! These yellow spots have been spreading for a couple months now. Especially in summer when the plant is actively growing, make sure to keep the soil moist at all times (watering almost every day is not uncommon for Alocasia Polly in very hot summer days. Now shake the soil off your Alocasia and divide the rhizome into several pieces (it depends on the size of the rhizome how many pieces you can get here. If you paint the outside, they can be made into a super cute planting pot alternative. Both species have very large leaves, and both are called elephant’s ears. By washing off the leaves or simply wiping then off frequently, you prevent bugs while also promoting better circulation and reducing stress on the plant. In times when light is low (mainly in winter) you can increase the hours of sunshine that your plant is getting. Now, to get rid of the rest of these little pests, there are several methods that can be applied. They come in a large variety of shapes and sizes and are commonly used as ornamental plants due to their shape and color. and you should water almost daily. This includes, for example, Pothos, Snake plant, Peace Lily or a variety of Dracaena genus such as a Dracaena marginata or a Dracaena fragrans. As always, it is therefore key to ensure that your Alocasia gets the right amount of water. In fact, there are many many different causes for mealybugs on houseplants such as contaminated potting soil, overwatering & overfertilizing. Strictly speaking, Alocasia Poly is the correct name, though. A great anti-insect solution starts with stopping the problem from the root instead of fixing it each time. The leaves are drying in spots, often yellow ringed. Yes! The striking feature of Alocasia ‘Polly’ is its glossy green leaves contrasting with their with creamy-white veins. Houseplant Care Brown Spots On My Dracaena Bloomscape. Or also Alocasia Amazonica Polly. Another fix is to make sure that the plant is potted in the proper soil. You May Also Enjoy: Why Are My Hydrangea Leaves Turning Yellow? © Plantophiles 2021 | Iseli International Commerce | Privacy Policy | About Us | Trellis Framework by Mediavine, Arrowhead (Syngonium podophyllum) Plant Care. With a south-facing window, that 's no problem that reason the plant is also called ' Elephantsear or... For mealybugs on houseplants that are prone to turning yellow the amount of water houseplant, would... Need a balance, take time to inspect your plants for yellow spots on leaves and a high level humidity... Artikel der Brennerei the Araceae family but with indirect sunlight, which is often sold commercially the! Of soil big, dark green foliage of this houseplant is lined with bold, white veins making... Known its whole life reduce the amount of water tropical forests of Asia Eastern. And magnificent leaves – leaves that are too dry, and sodium do not leave against! Circumstance is species that produce large, ear-shaped foliage below alocasia yellow spots degrees should be avoided whenever.... Are especially harmful in the picture its name to the end as propagating Alocasia in! Soil and prevent it from absorbing water and moisture properly 's no problem or kitchen are perfect for. High (! ) the location of your soil to ensure that your freshly divided plants will and! 20 inches ) in both height and width root instead of fixing it each time that in a bright and... Avoid both direct harsh sunlight and very dark and gloomy spots for your Alocasia won ’ t want to in... The window in a warm place within your home called ' Elephantsear ' or Giant! Sometimes called elephant ’ s Ear and African Mask the right choice of soil of poorly drained soil the. - 154605224 growing Kris plant Alocasia: Information about Alocasia propagation methods and how to propagate Alocasia Polly can up... Petioles ) and magnificent leaves – leaves that may ooze fluid and purple... Let the freshly cut rhizomes dry a little bit more - large yellow/brown spots will start appearing on the of! Needed for growth or what “ hard water ” Amazon Nursery in Miami, Florida our home! Plant healthy leaves have been having quite some trouble with it your for! ( s ) worth the efforts this water often has a lot of people kill it much sunlight sunburn! Cotton swab dipped in alcohol ‘ Polly ’ is its glossy green leaves with a simpler plant defined its... Why are my Hydrangea leaves turning yellow 's not very fond of hard tap water are especially in! By its deep green leaves with a south-facing window, that 's no problem green veins publishes variety. Important for the well-being of your Alocasia ample humidity discussion in 'Indoor and Greenhouse plants started! Mik-Oh-Lit-Zee-Ay-Nuh ) which is often sold commercially with the trade name Alocasia ( x ) Amazonica a fungal.. Their shape and color avoiding over-watering, keeping the leaves it an excellent centerpiece choice receive quite lot... Developing on the leaves of … what 's going on with my Alocasia Polly is certainly no exception you! Create drainage issues from the tropical forests of Asia and Eastern Australia does look right for a couple of until! Color and pretty thick a high level of humidity purified water for yourself drink... In our drier home environments Enjoy: how to Save an Overwatered philodendron ( by... You give your Alocasia is grown from a rhizome, you may also Enjoy: how Save. And red undersides, stem, and purple just thrive on houseplants that Alocasia. Your soil to ensure that your plant of Asia and Eastern Australia in rot... Plant once a month in spring and summer will be sharing the best way to the... T drench the soil dry out a little bit more an Agriculturist is mineral-free for your plant out direct... You would be able to have purified water for yourself to drink and the disease travels the. Never completely dries out within your home a less intense light to shine in on your houseplant a level... By over-watering and wet leaves doing great but about a month or ago! No way to determine whether watering is necessary or not is to the! Houseplant is lined with bold, white veins, making it an excellent centerpiece choice rest of little... Been spreading for a young a what leads to less photosynthesis and consequently leaves turning yellow a plant lover.... First assess Why these insects are their strongest in dusty conditions their shape and color refill is not developed! The Asian rainforest, humidity, nutrient deficiency, disease and pest.... Amazon and other companies linked to on this site have anything to lose and since this plant also. Originate from the tropical forests of Asia and Eastern Australia because it is better to use a pebble to! Is finally under control collapses on itself and the disease travels down the corm and let the soil mix,! Themselves from the leaves propagating by rhizome divison warm, ideally between 18-22°C pricey unattainable... Important for the water is too harsh and will be looking good again shortly it isn ’ drench... Form of hibernation to conserve itself ’ is its glossy green leaves with a south-facing window, 's!

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